Porting pcal 4.10.0

  Porting the postscript calendar creator pcal to Minix was a no-brainer.   All I did was the following:   Add the .descr file, containing the string: Postscript calendar creation   Add a build file, calling my modified Makefile.Minix instead of the default Makefile.

#!/bin/sh make -f Makefile.Minix clean make -f Makefile.Minix && make -f Makefile.Minix install

  Take the default Makefile and strip all the conditionals for DOS, that the Minix make doesn't support and save it as Makefile.Minix.   Obviously the pcal project cares for portability and thus not a single source file had to be touched.   You can download the Minix pcal from here: Pcal 4.10.0.

File last modified: 19:14:22 18-Aug-2009